Vincent van Gogh, Almond Blossom yogamat

Vincent van Gogh, Almond Blossom yogamat

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The Manduka x van Gogh museum collection is a tribute to the great vision and beauty captured by the late artist work. Through this collection, we hope to raise awareness around Mental Health and support for health and positivity in communities around the world.

Vincent van Gogh, Almond Blossom (detail), 1890
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
(Vincent van Gogh Foundation)
® Van Gogh Museum, © VGME B.V.
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‘For the great doesn’t happen through impulse alone, and is a succession of little things that are brought together.’ Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, 22 October 1882

The Restorative Round Yoga Mat is a sitting mat with 360° range of motion in all directions. The top layer is absorbent microfiber with a natural rubber core and base. This mat can be used for restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, mommy and me yoga, and all home practices.

Pro Tip: For best results (and best traction!) lightly mist the surface of this mat for superior grip.

  • Technische details

    • An official piece of the Almond Blossom artwork from the Van Gogh Museum is digitally printed on the surface of the Restorative Round Yoga Mat.
    • Designed in collaboration with global ambassador, Desi Bartlett
    • Great for restorative yoga and all floor exercises, including general fitness and cross training
    • 360° of strength and flexibility. 
    • Diameter: 150cm; 3mm thick. 
    • Decorative top surface enhances any living or sacred space 
    • Durable microfiber sweat-activated top layer 
    • Easy to fold or roll for storage